CAMHS … Making myself heard.


As I’ve mentioned (alot, sorry ) I’m waiting for a CAMHS appointment for my 8 year old who desperately needs help. This appointment is taking ages even though the school have twice asked for it to be an emergency appointment.
The head honcho is a hard man to get hold of , mostly because CAMHS are so underfunded that there just aren’t enough staff.
I’m not prepared to wait a long time for my boy to get help. It took 5 years for me to get a diagnosis for my 17 y/o and he has had so little help that right now we are almost back at square one with him after 7 years !
Today I have an appointment with the head honcho at CAHMS about my older son so my mum is coming with me as back up and we are going to let him know exactly how let down my older son is and insist on more support and while we are there we are going to tell him exactly how much the 8 year old needs an appointment and proper help. Now , not somewhere down the line.
I’m not good at being forceful that’s why I’ve enlisted my mum.
Hopefully I will come out of the meeting today feeling positive that help is on the way. I probably won’t ….. But I can dream.


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  1. keeping fingers crossed for both of you. I wish i could be more positive as well, but from what i’ve learned through your posts over the years, i can also dream. But maybe, just maybe you’ll be lucky today

  2. Good luck Grethe, sending positive assertive vibes your way – you have every right to make the most of any opportunity to be heard. Let us know how you get on xxx

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