Book review : Dance of shadows


As I’ve said before ( you will know if you’ve been paying attention ) I love to read. It’s my favourite thing to do in my spare time.
I also like to write , blog posts not books. So I thought I should make use of my blog and let you know when I’ve read a good book , or indeed a bad book.

Dance of shadows by Yelena Black.

On Thursday I bought and started
reading DANCE of SHADOWS , I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t put it down till I finished it on Friday afternoon

It’s a young adult book , the story involves dark magic and demons but I found it a refreshing change from the usual young adult paranormal books. The book is set in a ballet academy , Vanessa is a talented ballerina but she isn’t attending the academy because she wants to dance!
She wants to discover what happened to her older sister Margaret who disappeared from the academy 3 years ago! Who are Justin , and Zeppelin Gray and do they want to help her or hurt her ?What sinister forces are at work in the academy ?
I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy this book because I have no knowledge of or interest in ballet , however as I said it was actually a refreshing change. The storyline kept me turning the pages and by the end of the book I already couldn’t wait for the sequel. Which I’m hoping won’t keep me waiting for too long.
This book is definitely very enjoyable and well worth a read !


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