Bash me acorns ….


That’s a weird thing to say !

My 8 y/o says it ALOT randomly out of the blue , along with many other weird and wonderful things ….bash me ankles
Bash me head
Oh no
Hey hey
Hummer hummer , as well as some grunting sounds these are the most common things he says , often on a loop , randomly.
It’s no secret that I think children’s mental health services are shockingly inadequate. Adult services are probably the same but I haven’t had to deal with them yet so I don’t know enough to comment.
My 8 y/o has been on the waiting list for CAMHS for weeks and as I know CAMHS well I expect it will be a few weeks yet.
As well as everything else that’s going on O has developed vocal tics.
Although my 17 y/o has Tourette’s I don’t know enough about it to say O has Tourette’s ( his brother has mostly motor tics so I have no experience of vocal tics ) but he does definitely have vocal tics.
These tics occur mostly at times when O is anxious. Going out , on a bus , at school , on the way to school. Is it Tourette’s ?is it just vocal tics ? whats the difference ? I won’t know till we eventually see CAMHS but as its got to the point where he does it so much at school that the other pupils in his class have all picked up on the words and sounds and repeat them , sometimes subconsciously , quiet often I wanted to try and help him to maybe get some control over the tics while we wait for professional help.
I asked my doctor where I should look for info on helping a child to control vocal tics. He didn’t know. He looked online a bit. He still didn’t know.
I thought I’d pop into water stones yesterday and pick up a book. You can buy books about EVERYTHING can’t you?
Well not this.
Why is this ?Why is it so hard to find info about these things. The wait for help is so ridiculously long and you can’t even try to self help while you wait.

I’m sure I would probably find something if I google vocal tics but actually I wanted to know that I was reading reliable info from a reliable source. So I would have preferred a book.
I don’t know the figures but I know Tourette’s is not a rare illness that we don’t really need to know about. It’s real , it happens , and people don’t know enough about it and don’t understand it.
When you ask your GP for a source of help they should be able to point you in the right direction , there should be books , for children and for helping children. And actually most of all you shouldn’t have to wait so bloody long for appointments in the first place.
Mental health matters !!!


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