Mum … Where’s my homework ?


I like to be organised. In fact I NEED to be organised. I need things to be where they belong , and I like to get things ready to avoid a morning panic , I spend my evening telling the kids to do their homework , organise their school bags , put stuff in its place so it doesn’t get lost , get their stuff ready for the next day , put their shoes etc where they belong so they can find them easily …
Obviously this has all rubbed off on the kids and the mornings are a smooth operation ….
Of course not , the alarm goes off at 5:30 I hobble down the stairs , because of my arthritis I’m especially stiff in the morning so going up and down our 3 floors of stairs is difficult , and I’m met by ” mum where’s my uniform , can you get it for me , I’m cold / tired / still in bed ” ” mum where’s my pe kit ” “mum where are the trousers I need ” ( the ones that were put in the bottom of the washing basket and covered by clean clothes that the kids couldn’t be arsed to put away )
” mum I need ingredients / glitter / glue / money ” ( what they forget is that this is the first I’ve heard of it )
” mum where did you put my worksheet ? ” ( because obviously it was ME that lost it rather than put it somewhere safe )
When they are finally dressed , because thehairbrush is under the sofa/ someone’s bed they happily walk out the door without brushing their hair … That is if they’ve found their shoes / bag / blazer .
And of course while walking out the door they will call ” mum I’m going to have detention because I didn’t do my homework ”

I can’t wait till the alarm goes off at 5:30 tomorrow so we can do it all again.


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  1. sounds like every other household with school-going children 🙂 Your’s is just 7 times worse. Don’t give up though, they need to remember this stuff so they can pass it on to their kids one day, and they too will get the same results x

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