Meal planning


I’m not enjoying not having a working oven , sure I can cook most things in the grill but when it’s in the grill you need to keep an eye on it , turn it over ,it burns when you forget about it for a minute ( that happens alot ) and I’m missing pizza , garlic bread , pasties .

This is what we will be eating this week

Toasted muffins with beans and cheese ( this one the kids are looking forward to )

Mashed potato ( a big favourite of mine ) with fish less fingers or turkey dinosaurs for the non veggies ( a turkey dinosaur doesn’t hurt once on awhile ) served with mange tout , beans and sweet corn

Bangers mash peas and aaaah! Bisto

Farfelle pasta with a tomato and herb sauce served with crusty farmhouse bread.

Obviously while I was ordering the shopping I forgot the oven isn’t working so I also ordered some lovely pasties for lunch , they will have to sit in the freezer for a while. * sobs*

What are you having for dinner this week ?


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