Why dude ? … Why ?


This is a small post about a small dude , but it has a BIG WHY !

Now for quite a long while the 8 year old has been unable to go to bed without me going with him.
If I don’t comply to the demands there follows hours of screaming ,crying and tantrum throwing.
It’s a bit rubbish because I don’t get to watch most of my favourite tv shows which are usually on at 9 ,
I don’t get to sit and unwind before bed and actually I don’t want to go to bed at the same time as my 8 year old.
However , if you read my last post ( and if you didn’t , why not? ) you will know that I stay at my mums once a month and 8 year old comes too.
What happens at bedtime ??
Well, when the little man starts looking a bit tired , he does stay up a bit longer as granny’s house is a treat , all I have to say is ” come on little dude , lets get you in bed ” and off he goes. As if by magic he gets into bed , I tuck him in and moments later he’s asleep.
Now , my mum lives in a flat so we are on one level at bedtime but at home when he goes to bed his two big brothers are almost always up there so he’s not alone.
We will be home at bedtime after a weekend at mums and I’m quite sure that at bedtime he will be screaming for me and I will be screaming “WHY DUDE ? Why ? ”

Or maybe , just maybe we will be able to carry on the behaviour from granny’s house.


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  1. Let’s hope so… but he always does this at granny’s, doesn’t he? What changes when he gets home? In there might lie your answer

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