Meal planning


This week I’m tired and feeling a little run down so I’m going for some easy dinners from Wednesday to Saturday.

Bolognese ( made with quorn mince ) served with a crusty loaf.


Good old sausage and chips (quorn sausages for the vegetarians , the quorn best of British really are the best) served with peas , beans and broccoli.


Pizza served with garlic bread. We have been making our own lately but as its Friday I’m buying them ready made


Beans on toast or tomato soup with baguettes. As with last week as we go to my mums on Saturday we eat lots there so we only need a small easy dinner
God bless mum !

I’m trying to think of some new and different meals but my lot are so fussy it’s proving quite difficult.
I think next week we will try making our own burgers as since the horsemeat business my lot don’t want to eat burgers.

My favourite meal last week was the pizza my 15 year old made for me on Mother’s Day


What will you be eating this week ?


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