Meal planning


The chilli con carne I made last week was a massive hit so obviously I had to put this on the menu again ( the 8 year old especially liked the way it made him very windy “paaaarp” !)

So this is what our menu looks like from Sunday to Tuesday this week


Chilli con carne (made with quorn mince) served with Doritos ! I think it’s the Doritos that make this especially appealing to the kids !


Home made pizzas.
Although I have to admit we use ready made pizza bases ( I do want to try making my own , I’m just not confident that I’d do it well) we all enjoy make our pizzas the way we like them , putting our own toppings on.

20130309-113636.jpg this was mine , ready to go in the oven the last time we made them.


Mashed potatoes (I always put some cheese in mine )
Fish less fingers for the vegetarians , a choice of sausages or chicken for the rest
Served with peas and beans

The meal I’m looking forward to the most is the pizza.

I will also be making homemade garlic bread and a couple of homemade white rustic loaves for evening snacks this week . ( yes, I will be cheating here too , I’m using jus-rol ) but we all need a little help sometimes.

What will you be eating this week ?


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