Look who’s blogging….


I didn’t really know about blogging until I started reading people’s blogs on twitter. I liked the idea of blogging , mostly because I just like writing , and also because I find it very therapeutic to write things down. It helps to sort through my thoughts and I feel like a little weight has lifted when I’ve written something down !
I tried blogging a few months back but I found the blogging site quite difficult to use ( I’m rubbish at clever computer stuff.) And I actually thought that what I’d written was a bit rubbish. So I left it for a while .
Last week I decided to give WordPress a go. I found it really easy to get on with and when I needed help with something one of my twitter friends kindly emailed me instructions.There is still alot I have to learn , linking up ? Links? Making / using badges? Blog hopping ? But I’m sure I will soon learn this stuff. I moved some of my better posts from my old blog and also wrote something new.
Now I keep getting ideas for things to write about so when I sit down for a cup of tea I’ll write some notes about what I want to write . I’m not crafty so I can’t write about making stuff and I don’t have a baby anymore so I can’t write about this stuff but I do know about having a family (a large one) I know a bit about mental health and living with arthritis. I also love books, movies , good TV so hopefully I will keep finding stuff to write about.
I’ve been really surprised by how many people have looked at my blog in just 6 days and it makes me feel really proud that people have taken the time to read my stuff.And the twitter / blogging community are a friendly lot of people. So Im going to keep on blogging , because i enjoy it ,hopefully people will keep reading and I would say that if you have thought about blogging , give it a try , I think you’ll like it.


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