Pass the slippers and my Horlicks


Something happened yesterday. I had a moment of realisation and It scared me. I spent most of the evening saying “how the hell did that happen ”

I’ve started thinking about birthdays as next weekend is the first of this years birthdays ,my daughter will be 15.
And it hit me like a slap in the face that my eldest child will be 20 in August. 20 , yes , twenty , I will be the parent of a 20 year old
I will have an actual adult offspring. No longer a teen. All grown out of 19. But surely this can’t be right. I haven’t given birth so long ago that my child is an adult , have I ??
Well , it seems I have. But I’m still young ! Or I thought I was until said child informed me last night that I’m middle aged.
The thing is , I’m not all grown up yet. I don’t know everything or have all the answers. When I was a child I’m sure my mum knew everything.
I still like to watch Disney channel with the kids and I own my very own one direction cd , yes you heard right. It’s mine ! I bought it for myself for Christmas , so I can’t possibly be old enough to have an adult offspring can I ?
What does this mean ? Do I have to start watching question time and reading the daily mail. Do I have to buy trousers with elasticated waist bands , do I have to sigh and leave the room when the kids put the Disney channel on ?
Someone make me a mug of Horlicks I need an afternoon nap.


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  1. Soon you’ll realise that their age doesn’t matter, they will always be your babies, much to their chagrin, and it’ll never really sink in (in your mind) that they’re adults. This is why you’re asking the questions. You’ll never have to leave the room when the Disney channel is on, NEVER stop listening to 1D, EVER!! Do NOT buy trousers with elasticated waistbands, this is an absolute no,no! And yes, you’ll always have the answers, because they’ll keep asking the questions.
    They call it old-age, i call it Youth – The Sequel

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