Irish twins … How do yours get on


As I have 7 kids obviously there’s a range of age gaps but the one I find most interesting is my Irish twins. I only recently found out there was a name for siblings born within a year of each other I don’t know why they are called Irish twins but they are , so there. I had a son in April ’97 and a daughter in march ’98.
I imagined it would be a lovely age gap. They would be so close , but actually they cannot /will not get on with each other.
They have always been competitive with each other , who had the most, who was first , who did it best , who stayed up later , who got more money , they have no common interests at all ! Not what I imagined !
Would they be closer if they were the same sex ? I would have thought not.

Do you have Irish twins. Are you an Irish twins. How well do yours get on ?


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