Hi Hun…luv u babes….lol


I like Facebook. I do. It’s put me back in touch with people from back in the day and some of them people have become some of my closest confidants. I like to have a read through and see what people are up to , I love to see friends Photos and actually it’s nice to share in a little piece of people’s lives , enjoy their happiness support them when it’s all going wrong and sometimes to be honest just to feel smug and think “well I never liked you much anyway.
What I don’t like so much is that everybody is everybody’s “Hun” do we all go about our days calling everybody Hun or babes ? No of course we don’t. Do we all love everybody on our Facebook ? No of course we don’t. I don’t even like some of my “friends” , some I only keep for the sake of being nosey. We end our comments with kisses when in fact we often wouldn’t touch the person with a barge pole. …. And worst of all , it’s the “lol” if Facebook is to be believed we are all an incredibly funny bunch , there are Lols all over the place. But how many of us are actually laughing out loud when we type lol. Let’s face it most of the time we type lol because it’s the only way we can think of to end the conversation , when we log onto Facebook we go from perfectly literate articulate people into people that can often only communicate by typing such gems as that’s gr8 babes. Luv u Hun. Lol. Anyway I must go and check facebook to see who’s having “a gr8 time in Starbucks with their hun , lol”


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