Favourite child


Do I have a favourite child. The answer is of course simple …. No ! …. And ..yes !! If you were to ask me at 5:30a.m the answer would have to be the one that is up and bright as a button before I’m even out of bed. But then she wouldn’t be my favourite at dinner time when she turns her nose up at whatever I’ve slaved over for dinner again. If you asked me at 6:30 p.m when I’ve run out of milk it would be the one who is always willing to run to the shop for me but then again I wouldn’t say it was her when her pile of clean laundry is still on the bedroom floor a week later. When I get into bed every night to find its been invaded by my little boy , again, leaving me an inch of space, I wouldn’t say it was him , but then again he’s so warm and snuggly, and he must love me most if he likes to sleep in my bed , right ?
If there’s a spider the size of a house in my bedroom then obviously my favourite is the one who will come and liberate it and then do a spider check of my whole room so I can sleep safe and sound , but he is absolutely not my favourite when he won’t get up for school in the morning.
So basically YES I do have a favourite at any given time one of them will be my absolute favourite and best , until someone comes along and knocks them off the top spot ! But could I actually choose one over another ? NO , they are all mine, they are all wonderful / horrid and they all get their turn at the top. Now which one is going to make me a cup of tea ? Who’s mummys favourite ?


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