Books … How do you like yours ?


I love books. I love to read. My absolute favourite and best thing to do if I have any free time is to snuggle up with a book. I love my kindle , it’s light easy to carry around and easy to get books on ( not always a good thing as I’m too easily tempted if I see a good book) but actually I still prefer the feel of a book. I love to crack the spine of a good book , bend the cover right back and dog ear the corners to save my place ( these are the reasons why my 15 year old hates me reading her books )

I’ve always loved reading but my tastes have changed alot. I used to stick to romancey lovey dovey books,true life stories ,or crime thrillers, I always said I hated paranormal books as I had to be able to believe the story could happen but when the twilight books came out I was totally converted
I LOVE paranormal books. Mostly young adult. I enjoy them all , vampires, werewolves , angels , faeries, witches , demons , I love the escapism you get when you read these books.
I dont think I will ever branch out into sci fi books as I don’t even like sci fi movies but you never know.

How do you prefer to read , a good old fashioned book or the new fangled kindle ?

What do you enjoy reading ?


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